Back in the saddle and getting Terminated (WT) closer to completion.

Have to redo the Orion Authority site since my webhost deleted all my files. Have patience there, since that site was fairly complicated to bring together in the first place.

Note: To the past commander - I am so not going to write about the ice cube that wouldn't melt.


I finally got a break with everything that's been happening, and took some time to recuperate in Australia. For those of you that haven't been there, you really should go. For those of you that live there, LUCKY YOU!

I've got a short post with a bunch of pictures over at my blog: http://lisaandel.blogspot.com

I'd also like to say to T:  Looking forward to a rematch.

Promo Trailer

Cameo appearance by: Larry Perfect
Trailer created by: Roscoe James


Thought it way past time to update all of you. I realize it's been over a year since my last book came out and you're all wondering when, or if, more are on the way.

To put it bluntly, I've had a hell of a time the past year and a half. Lost the remaining members of my immediate family, and almost joined them myself.

While I still have a ways to go, I've picked up the books I was working on before all this happened, and I'm trying to get them completed before I'm taken out of action again.

If you want to read an unedited excerpt from the next book I plan on bringing you, CLICK HERE.

Dead Again is available in Print!


Werepanthers, dragons, and demon sorcerers. What's a normal red-blooded woman to do?

Have sex with them, of course.

Even though Lisa is mostly human, her life is anything but normal. Spending more time with the supernatural side of society than with humans might account for that. Then again, it might have to do with all the people who want to kill her for sport, since she doesn't stay dead. Whatever the reason, she's come to the painful realization that something important is missing from her life. Sex. And if she doesn't get some soon, she might just lose her mind.

Her best friend Ashur decides to help her out. He starts the ball rolling by introducing her to a werepanther who's known to have a way with women. The shifter is so good that he leaves Lisa craving more. Wherever she can find it. With whoever she desires.

Though she's no longer in danger of going insane, her life becomes stranger yet, as she acquires and loses lovers, and lives and dies ? and lives.

Where will it all end? Only God knows. And he's not talking.

Molten Silver books: Contains: multiple partners M/F, explicit language, oral & anal sex, shapeshifter sex.

Now Available at:

N.O.R Winner!!!

Flame Angel



Now at LSB!!!

Demon Hunting

The only good demon is a dead demon. True or False?

In Ashley, Illinois, the answer is false. Only demons intent on harming humans deserve to die. That's a good thing, too, since their most powerful hunter, Dylan Vaughan, is full of the dark magic of the netherworld.

Savage heads the hunters in this town, and a female hunter, newly arrived, is determined to work on Vaughan's turf. Terri Peterson. The leader sees her potential, though, and will do anything to convince Vaughan to form an "alliance" with her.

An alliance? Right. Terri doesn't have a clue. Raised by a human family, kidnapped and taken to the netherrealm by her biological father at the age of eleven, it's taken her twelve years to make it back to the surface. Now her only goal is to stop her father's demons from doing harm.

Find out what happens when dark and light magics, werewolves, and other supernaturals join forces to keep humans safe.

And what the demons are doing in your town when the sun goes down.

Multiple partners M/F, oral and anal sex, demon feeding, & shapeshifter sex.

Now Available at LSB

It's HERE!!!

Flame Angel

Little did Angie know she was about to attract the most dangerous man in town; Kraid Devon, the Dragon. Or that the attraction would be wildly mutual.

Angie has an affinity to fire. Especially the kind of fire she creates with a certain Dragon, despite the fact he's the scariest man she's ever met.

Devon intends to capture the fiery witch, and keep her as his own, no matter what it takes.

See just how hot things really get?when fire meets fire.

Explicit sex, shapeshifter sex, multiple partners M/F/M.

Now Available at Ellora's Cave

New Release - Highlights

McIntyre & Coventry

From Fallen Angels:
Lisa Andel just gets better and better. Ms. Andel always gives the reader everything they want in a book; excellent characters, great action and plot, and of course lots of yummy sex. My only hardship while reading this story was that I couldn't pick a favorite male character ...
Five Angels for both Lisa Andel and McIntyre & Coventry!
Reviewed by: Amanda H.

From Isn't It Romantic:
This is a very funny and relaxing book, I recommend to who wants to read an erotic book with a lightly smile on his face. Reviewer: Elisa Rolle.

The Team, One - Orion Authority

From Romance Junkies:
THE TEAM was fantastic...
Lisa Andel is always amazing with whatever she chooses to write, however, I think THE TEAM was one of my favorite books from Lisa Andel. If you're looking for a book full of hot sex, major action and gorgeous men, THE TEAM is definitely a must read for you...

From JERR:
The first story in the new series by Lisa Andel, The Team introduces us to the elite beings in charge of West Park. I must say, she definitely introduced them with a bang ...
With plenty of action and scorching sex, mixed with super sexy otherworldly beings, The Team is an excellent introduction, one that has me eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
Rating: 5 stars
Heat level: O

Her Werewolf

Find out what happens when an anything but ordinary human has her
world turned upside down, and the only thing left that she can count on is
her own wit. And her werewolf.

Available only at Ellora's Cave

Coffee Time Romance Review
What a totally awesome story! Ms. Andel is a new author who proves that she has the talent to grab the minds and hearts of readers. The humorous moments spread throughout the book added extra enjoyment to my reading experience ...

The sex scenes are hot enough to melt metal and very plentiful. Overall, Her Werewolf is a reading experience that is definitely not to be missed.
Reviewer: Susan
Rating: 4 Cups

Reader comment:
I just bought Her Werewolf a few minutes ago, sat down to read it during a break. I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. Haven't even gotten very far into it and already I'm yelling "this is FREAKING GREAT!"
Rhian - creativegoddesses.blogspot.com


Demon Hunting has been released!!! Availble now from LSB.

Flame Angel is now Available at EC!

Check out my Coming Soon page for what I'm working on next.